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About Me


My Background

My family thought I would be an architect  someday because I draw and color houses with landscapes and flower bushes. At the age of seven (7), I drew and drew and drew houses, beautiful houses in color, with landscapes and beautiful garden; flowering trees and flowers, flowers, flowers. In my teenage years, I taught crafting, papier-mache', dance lessons and anything my foolish heart could desire. I married young and had children in my early 20's that I had to drop what I love to do and care for my family, including earning by working outside home. But, I always found time to write; prose and poems, learned to sew clothes for both genders,  and made curtains and bedcovers. I also tried not to forget crocheting and guitar playing. Only that,  the rigid routine of motherhood, business and work took all my energy and time. Now, I am an empty nester, so I rush to go back where I left off; my passion and love in creating arts and writing. Now, I am back and I am determined to love my craft even more. With one book on the market: A GLIMPSE OF EDEN  - another book is on the way to the publisher's house and 100 pieces of artworks are on hand. I am excited sharing all these with you. I have been invited to several art shows in Canada, Australia, London and Spain but the lack of funding in the transport of my artworks is one of the hindrances to this venture. Nevertheless, my friends from all over the world inspire me to keep on creating arts. I have sold several pieces in Australia, Canada, Philippines, and in the cities of New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Texas, Massachusetts, and California. I hope you will enjoy them too.  I am grateful for all the blessings I enjoy in this lifetime. And I thank God for all your kindness and support.


My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as clay, acrylics, and pastels. But acrylics have caught my whims. Its versatility makes me daring and bold. Acrylics just make me brave. 

I love the mystery and the hauntingly enticing beauty of the moon, sunset, and sunrise with water.

My Inspiration

I am mesmerized by the haunting beauty of the moon, the sunset and sunrise with its reflection in the vast waters. The details of the leaves and flower-petals does not miss my curious eyes.


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